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Friday, January 20th, 2012 by beth

Saturday, January 19th

Karl Sigler will present

“Designing a Security Dept:
A Candy and Rainbows Approach”

Chris Silvers, who is developing a social engineering class and dr.kaos, who is developing a pen-testing course will both be independently soliciting input to steer and inform their efforts. Participants will be showered with appreciation and eventual discounts!

To present at a meeting, email beth AT dc404 DOT org

17 comments on “Next Meeting

  1. Logan says:

    Love the old school mac website look.

  2. drkaos says:

    Thanks! It was just for fun when I setup the site, but I like it too! We’ll leave it for a while and see how it goes. 🙂

  3. Stephen says:

    Like the new site! I was wondering is anyone invited to the monthly meetings? I would like to come to the next one.

  4. arcon says:


    I did invite you, sucka! You should get on the mailing list[1] and you’ll get an invite that way as well, next time I see you I’ll show you how to setup appointments on your phone.



  5. Andy says:

    RE:DC404 is hosted at Manuel’s Tavern in beautiful Atlanta, GA. We are generally in the North Ave room (south corner of the building past the back bar), though we occasionally end up in the Eagle’s Nest (upstairs at the northeast corner of the building).

    Any way to tell if the meeting for Feb will be upstairs?
    Me and steps don’t get along 😉

  6. Stephen Pugh says:

    What time is the meeting on Sat?

  7. Stephen Pugh says:


  8. beth says:

    It’s at 2pm, see you there

  9. Leroy says:

    New to the site…just wanted to say hi

  10. It was a pleasure meeting folks (some for the second time) at today’s event @Vortex. Sadly, I’m not feeling the love on the mailing lists:

    Attention Webmaster! Form Misconfiguration

    Your list “” at domain “” is invalid!
    (The list address is invalid: alias is blank).

  11. beth says:

    Thanks to Doug and Brad for coming out and sharing their great work with us!

  12. Duckie says:


  13. dc0de says:

    Please… someone setup a google hangout, and/or record this meeting?

    Those of us who are displaces dc404’ers wanna be there too!

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