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Friday, January 20th, 2012 by beth

Saturday, July 21, 2012: Paul Royal presenting “Impeding Automated Malware Analysis with Environment-sensitive Malware,” followed by Jason Ding presenting “The Blooming Social Media Economics Built on Fake Identities”

Saturday June 16, 2012: Nick Owen presents Strong authentication and cloud

Saturday May 19, 2012: Doug Burks presents Security Onion, Brad Shoop presents Splunk for Security Onion

Saturday April 21: Outerz0ne 8

March 17th: #MAPPgate discussion, led by @pbr90x

Feb 18: Taylor presenting Uncomfortable Silence: For the Lullz plus Eldon giving us a ShmooCon Wrap-Up: the Good, the Bad, the Chilly

Jan 21: ??

Dec 17: ??

Nov 19: Geek Gifts

Oct 15: Keith Watson presenting Anatomy of DragonCon’s Wall of Sheep

Sep 17: Keith et al; DragonCon:Pictures or It Didn’t Happen & Economic/Money Hacking discussion, first meeting at new venue!

Aug 20: The Silvers, Beau, and Trent and Mike, and everyone who shared for BlackHat, b-sides, & Defcon 19 WrapUp: The Good, The Bad, The Dehydrated

Jun 18th: Presentation Brainstorming for Hackid and DefCon planning

May 21st: Rodger: Open Source Forensic Super Timelining, pgp key-signing, and CA Cert. assurance

April 16th: 0uterZ0ne WrapUp and MinuteMen(tor)

Mar 19 0uterZ0ne

Feb 19 dr.kaos & diguniz How to Build the Worlds Most Awesome Vegan Media Center in Under 2 Hours!

Jan 15 Ben Feinstein and Don Jackson Operation Coredump: Countering the AFcore Botnet Threat

Dec 18 Chris Silvers: Something smells phishy: The Evolution of Social Engineering

Nov 20 Geek Gifts: Show and Tell

Oct 15 John: SysUsage: Monitoring in 5 Minutes

Sept 18 ShoeCon an Atlanta Institution in the making

Aug 28: Vince Guidry Presenting Grokking Bacula

Jul 17:

Jun 19:

May 15: Michael Potter presenting
sudo:Beginner to expert in 1 hour

Apr 17 ‘Bye KC!

Mar 20 outerz0ne field trip

Feb 20 with Beau Woods presenting
Social Engineering; The Dark Art

Jan 16 dr.kaos presenting:
A Hacker’s Guide to Dumping Your Cable Provider For Good

Dec 19 Nick Owen Presenting:
WiKiD Two-factor Auth and Securing Network Access with Open Source Solutions

Nov 21: Geek Gifts

Oct 17 Keith Watson presenting Digital Tuner Hacking

Sept 19 Keith Presenting Wall of Sheep Post-Mortem

Aug 22 DefCon Wrap-up

Jul 18 Robert McCurdy presenting:
Portable Pwnage

Jun 20: dr.kaos Presenting:
Virtualization Security 101

May 16: Phreakmonkey Presenting:
The Oldest Working Modem in the World

Apr 18 : Brandon Moulton Presenting:

Mar 21 : Stephen Cristol Presenting
An Application of Math to Epidemiologic Research; also Eater introducing FreeSide

Feb 21: CTF Discussion also; Gavin Mead Presenting
Introduction to Paterva’s Maltego

Dec 20: Utilities You Can’t Live Without
(informational potluck)

Nov 15: Geek Gifts

Oct 18 Scott Moulton Presenting
Top 10 (New!) Things You Didn’t Know About Hard Drives.

Sept 20 : Ben Feinstein Presenting
Loaded Dice: SSH Key Exchange & the OpenSSL PRNG Bug

Next Meeting

Friday, January 20th, 2012 by beth

Saturday, January 19th

Karl Sigler will present

“Designing a Security Dept:
A Candy and Rainbows Approach”

Chris Silvers, who is developing a social engineering class and dr.kaos, who is developing a pen-testing course will both be independently soliciting input to steer and inform their efforts. Participants will be showered with appreciation and eventual discounts!

To present at a meeting, email beth AT dc404 DOT org