DC404 Meeting – Saturday July 21st

Wednesday, July 18th, 2018 by narknet

Saturday July 21st is your DC404 meeting at Manuel’s Tavern at 2pm

Hannah Silvers will be doing a beta run of her DEF CON SEVillage presentation:

“My Stripper Name is Bubbles Sunset: What SEO Meme Marketing Means for Social Engineering”

You’re mindlessly scrolling through Facebook when you see your friend share a post and comment, “Mine is Bubbles Sunset!”

You click. It’s a meme that reads: “What’s your stripper name? It’s the name of your first pet and the first street you lived on! Comment with your answers, and share with your friends!”

Are alarm bells going off in your head yet?

Security-savvy internet browsers know to be on the lookout for the digital version of a mustached man in a trench coat, like emails selling discounted Viagra. But as you’ve gotten smarter about avoiding these obvious bids for information, attackers and online marketers have gotten subtler to persuade you to divulge personal information. Every second, users willingly divulge sensitive information in comments on social media memes like the stripper name post because they don’t see them as a threat.

In this talk, Hannah Silvers (social engineer and SEO marketing content strategist) brings the two worlds together. Using (hilarious) real-life examples, she will illustrate how social media memes are hotbeds of valuable PII for marketers and attackers alike, how these memes encourage users to engage with and share them, and the ways attackers can make use of them as an attack vector.

Of course, the talk won’t stop at the doom and gloom. The presenter will discuss implications to the work of security educators and what users can do to mitigate the risk these memes present once they understand how they work.


Hannah Silvers is a writer, editor, and content strategist based in Atlanta, GA. During the day, she writes and presents SEO content marketing strategy for nonprofit service providers. But after the ride home, she moonlights as the director of outreach for CG Silvers Consulting and a lexicographic content contributor for Dictionary.com, charting the course of the English language through definitions of slang, politics, pop culture, and emoji. Hannah is also a veteran of Social-Engineer, LLC, holding corporate technical writing and vishing experience as well as the current record of youngest contestant to enter the SECTF booth at DEF CON.


Come prepared to share what you are working on. Your project doesn’t have to be complete and slides are not required (like show-n-tell).

We will have a projector if you need it.


We will be running the NetKotH CTF for this meeting. This event is targeted at both beginners and experienced pentesters. If you’d like to play along, you should bring a laptop with your favorite tools installed (like Kali Linux or ArchStrike). If you are new to CTFs there will be plenty of people willing to help you get started.




More information about NetKotH can be found here:



We will also be hosting a mini lock pick village.


Our meetings are at Manuel’s Tavern. Free parking is behind Manuel’s and on the South side across the alley.

We meet in the First Level Room:

From the front entrance on North Highland, immediately turn right, go past the bathrooms to the First Level room.

From the back parking lot entrance, go all the way to the front doors, turn left, go past the bathrooms to the First Level room.


Manuel’s Tavern
602 North Highland Ave NE
Atlanta, GA 30307


All ages/skill levels welcome. No dues, feel free to bring new friends.

Our Home page: https://dc404.org

Sign up for the chat/discussion list – it’s low traffic, keeps you in the loop, and enables you to communicate with the other DC404 folks:


IRC Channel: #dc404 chat.freenode.net

Web IRC: https://webchat.freenode.net/?channels=%23dc404

Our calendar:


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