DC404 Virtual Meeting – September 18th

Tuesday, September 14th, 2021 by narknet

Saturday September 18th is your DC404 virtual meeting


The DC404 Big Blue Button meeting space is graciously hosted by DC404 member npcomp.

Big Blue Button is a WebRTC based open source video teleconferencing platform supported by all major browsers, including Chrome, FireFox, Safari, and Safari Mobile. For best results on desktop and laptops, Chrome or Firefox is recommended. For Chromebooks the built-in Chrome browser is recommended.

The meeting space will open at 13:00 on Saturday so that people will have time to connect and work out any technical issues.

The meeting will start at 14:00.

No registration or email address is required, just enter your preferred handle. To join the meeting from your browser use this link:



Sach will present: MAVSH – Attacking from Above

Over the course of 2020 and 2021, drone enthusiasts and the FAA have been locked in a series of legal battles over the future of unmanned aviation.

New regulations and restrictions, such as Remote Identification, aim to leave drone and model aviation hobbyists with a grim choice: incur countless financial costs, or lose the ability to fly freely.

Not only do these regulations impact hobbyists, they also restrict our ability to use drones as recon and payload delivery tools, but the FAA gave us a loophole.

In this talk, I’ll share my knowledge of the MAVLink protocol and how it can be modified to take advantage of that loophole. I’ll also show you how to build a drone capable of 20+ minute flights, potentially multiple miles of range, and hosting a Raspberry Pi 0 W onboard, enabling remote command execution without the use of onboard WiFi or cellular networks ALL while exploiting that loophole.

Come learn how and why the FAA “Can’t Stop the Signal”!







Danger Drone and Defense Measures:



Watch Dogs Drone:






Sach is a self taught developer, an aspiring pentester, and a drone enthusiast. In his spare time he enjoys playing chess, reading Sci-Fi novels, learning about cryptocurrencies, and flying drones.


We will have time after the presentation for people to to share what they are working on. Your project doesn’t have to be complete and slides are not required (like show-n-tell).


We will be running the NetKotH CTF.

If you would like to play along in the CTF follow these instructions (http://koth.userserviceable.com/netkoth.html) and hack away with your favorite tools such as Kali Linux, Parrot Linux, or ArchStrike Linux.





More information about NetKotH can be found here:


How To Get Started Hacking


Sorry, Atlanta LockSport will not be unable to host lock pick village hosted.

To find out more about Atlanta LockSport visit their web site at https://atlantalocksport.org/

You can sign up for the Atlanta LockSport email list and discord channel at https://atlantalocksport.org/contact.html


All ages/skill levels welcome. No dues, feel free to bring new friends.

Our Home page: https://dc404.org


DC404 Atlanta Cybersecurity Engineers Discord Server Channel

GENERAL -> dc404

Discord Invite Code: https://discord.gg/eHm7NnZ


Sign up for the chat/discussion list – it’s low traffic, keeps you in the loop, and enables you to communicate with the other DC404 folks:



IRC Channel: #dc404 irc.libera.chat

Web IRC: https://web.libera.chat/#dc404


Our calendar: https://dc404.org/calendar/

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